The owners:


Sibylle & Markus Scharowski have been sailing together since the year 2000. The former yacht was Wida, a Nantucket Clipper MKIII Yawl of 31' length. We sailed Wida in the Ionian and Aegean Sea from Italy to Greece and Turkey and sailed approximately 4000 miles with her. In October 2004 we decided to look for a larger and faster yacht, as we had identified and confirmed one more passion we shared together - the blue-water-sailing.
When we're not on Despina, we live in Hochwald, near Basel, Switzerland. Markus has two kids from his first marriage. Samuel is almost 22 years old, Nicolas will soon turn 19. For a living supporting our adventures of sailing, we both work in the domain of telecommunications. Sibylle as assistant and business administration, Markus as consultant for multinational organizations.
Besides sailing, we both enjoy any other way of traveling and exploration of different cultures. We also enjoy to explore all kinds of food either by preparing it together at home or on Despina or also by searching for traditional taverns or restaurants during our journeys. Bicycling and Badminton are the two sports, which we like most besides grinding and swimming. At last we can describe ourselves as individuals which care for getting to know interesting and different people with which we can enjoy intense discussions about all aspects of our world and community to generally learn more every day. A good bottle of wine certainly supports this exchange of viewpoints, projections and experiences.
Our plans with Despina is to continue to visit the large number of beautiful places in the Mediterranean sea for another 2-3 years. Afterwards, it is our plan to prepare for leaving this "closed" environment to begin to sail all around the globe in stages/legs of approximately 2-3 months each. Whether we can convert this plan to reality or need to apply changes to it we believe we'll find out in the next two years....

Crew members sailing on Despina up to today:

  • Samuel Scharowski
  • Nicolas Scharowski 
  • Stefan von Allmen
  • Eric Jequier
  • Alessandro Rossi
  • Christoph Ott
  • Josef Horvath
  • Simon Leus
  • Maja Thommen
  • Jürg Thommen
  • Conny Thommen
  • Joël Thommen
  • Muriel Thommen
  • Hildegard Mohr
  • Felice Reitknecht
  • Bruno Zoia
  • Ursula Schumacher
  • Claude Schumacher
  • Lydia Butler
  • Oliver Scharowski
  • Pablo Scharowski
  • Selina Jenni
  • Ali Kuban
  • Chantal Bürgin
  • Mark Lawrence
  • Ali Gabriel
  • Huw Lloyd
  • Patricia Scharowski
  • Thierry Renz